This page is for additional photos my adventures with Megaweapon, my Toyota 4Runner

Updated November 2020

New Video!

“Snowflight: A Mt. Laguna Morning”

For photos and video of my earlier adventures in Megaweapon, click this link:

    Megaweapon Adventures 1

For photos and discussion of Megaweapon’s modifications, click this link:

    Creating Megaweapon 

For additional photos of Megaweapon, click this link:

    Megaweapon Photos 

Megaweapon Trips: 

Click here to see the photos and info from my 2016 Nevada/Mojave trip!

Click here to see the photos, video, and info from my 2017 Nevada/Mojave trip!    

Click here to see videos from my 2019 Nevada/Mojave trip!    

Megaweapon Videos:   These were shot with my DJI Mavic Pro camera drone, and feature Megaweapon in action:

Arroyo Seco        Cholla Trails        Badlands Afternoon        Desolation Road            Boulders

Megaweapon Hits The Trail 2016

This is a fun little video I put together showing some off-road action and scenes from my 2016 Nevada/Mojave trip.

Megaweapon Hits The Trail 2017    New!

A “teaser trailer” showing highlights from my 2017 Nevada/Mojave trip.

My first off road trip with the new 4Runner, in March 2016:

    Borrego Trip March 2016

More photos of Megaweapon’s adventures in the Anza-Borrego desert, from various short trips in 2017:

    Anza-Borrego Trips 2017   New pics added 5/10/17

    Anza-Borrego Trips 2019   New pics added 3/17/19

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