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Production at the Mendha Mine began in 1875 and continued intermittently for many years after. Primary ores were lead, silver, and gold. By 1932 the inclined mine shaft was 900 feet long, with a hoist powered by a Fairbanks-Morse single-cylinder gasoline engine. There was also a concentration plant with a capacity of 50 tons per day.

As of 2018, the road into the mine is closed so I had to hike in. There are two cabins up the canyon from the mine. A long cabin or former office, still stands at the mine. The headframe and hoist house are long gone, but there is a fairly large building of corrugated metal next to the mine. This building has been used to store modern core samples (probably done in the early 1980s), which are now scattered all over the interior.

The mine shaft goes into the ground at a very shallow angle, and in the same direction as the slope of the hillside. As a result, the upper end of the shaft is basically a trench. To protect the shaft from weather, this section is covered with a snow shed. Near the shaft there is a large wooden ore bin, accessed via a trestle.

Around the hill from the mine are the ruins of a mill -- possibly the concentrating plant mentioned in the 1932 report.


Additional ruins next to a an adit can be seen higher up the mountain, but I didn’t have time to go up there on this trip.

Posted September 2018.

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Mendha Mine, NV