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Now that I’m involved with large-scale model railroading, I’ve begun writing on that topic too:

Miniature Masonry Part 1

How To Build Real Stone Retaining Walls

Garden Railways, April 2009

Miniature Masonry Part 2

How To Build Real Stone Arch Bridges

Garden Railways, June 2009

Portraits In Clay Parts 1-4

How To Sculpt Realistic Figures

A four-part series on sculpting lifelike, scale figures for large scale model railroads.

Garden Railways, December 2009

Garden Railways, February 2010

Garden Railways, April 2010

Garden Railways, June 2010

The Concrete Bungle...

If I’d Only Known

A short piece on replacing the concrete access panels over my tunnels.

Garden Railways, April 2011.

The In-ko-pah Railroad

A unique line set into a steep hillside

This was a feature article on my In-ko-pah Railroad.

Garden Railways, December 2011.

Build A Rustic Structure Part 1

Styrene construction is easier than you think

This two-part series explains how to make realistic, heavily weathered rustic structures, using styrene to simulate old wood.

Garden Railways, December 2012.

Build A Rustic Structure Part 2

Styrene construction is easier than you think

Part two of this series finishes up the structure and covers paint and weathering.

Garden Railways, February 2013.

Creating A Radio-Controlled Railbus

Scratchbuilding the “Tin Lizard”

This article tells how I built a Model T railbus, including choosing the motor and electronics.

Garden Railways, June 2014.

Modeling With Sintra

Part 1

The first of three parts detailing the use of Sintra PVC board for creating scale structures. Part 1 shows how this versatile material can be used to create a stone building.

Garden Railways, April 2017.

More to come!

From Styrene To Wood

Another article about using styrene to model heavily-weathered wooden buildings, including a board-by-board replica of part of an old cabin in Tonopah, NV.

Modeler’s Annual

Winter 2014

(aka Dec. 2013)

Model Railroad Hobbyist -- Imagineering

In early 2015 I was one of six modelers chosen to take turns writing a column about freelanced model railroads.

The first column was an introduction to the writers, with each of us getting a two-page spread. It’s in the April 2015 issue, available for free online, here:

Model Railroad Hobbyist, April 2015

The June 2015 issue has my first full column, featuring an in-depth look at the concept for my In-ko-pah Railroad. See how I drew from multiple real-life sources to create a believable fantasy railroad. Available for free online, here:

Model Railroad Hobbyist, June 2015

The June 2016 issue has my second full column, featuring a look at the scratchbuilt structures on the In-ko-pah Railroad, and my thoughts on creating realistic buildings for a freelance layout. Available for free online, here:

Model Railroad Hobbyist, June 2016

The March 2017 issue has my third full column, which focuses on how to develop your modeling skills.

Available for free to read online or download to your device:

Model Railroad Hobbyist, March 2017