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The Mohawk Mine is located in the Silver Peak Range, southwest of Silver Peak, NV. I have been unable to find out much information so far about this mine. I do know that it was in operation for many years, up until the late 1950s or early 1960s.

There are several small sites of interest in the general vicinity of the Mohawk Mine.

This site should not be confused with the “Great Mohawk Mine” which was once located in Goldfield, NV.

Update: In 2013 I received an email from Jimmy W., a former resident of the Mohawk Mine, who told some of the history of the mine and his personal recollections of living there. He has kindly granted me permission to post it here:

I was looking up the old Mohawk Mine and came across your pictures. My father worked in Silver Peak and I spent all my summers there as a kid. The Mohawk mine was last operated by USMM along with the Ohio mine in Goldpoint and the Rawhide mine over towards Mina.

“One of the shafts collapsed in 58 or 59 and there are 3 miners still down there. One of them was Louis Shirley, a very close friend of my father. His widow Ruby was the post mistress in Silver Peak for many years. Teams were brought in from across the country but they were unable to retrieve the bodies so they closed off that shaft.

“Not sure what year USMM went out of business but likely around 1961. My father was the paymaster and purchasing director plus he weighed the trucks coming in. The neatest part was watching the bullion being poured into ingots. They were then put into a safe and at some point my father would say lets go. That meant he would load up the ingots and we'd take them to the Tonopah airport where a plane would be waiting to take them to the SF Mint. I'm not sure who or how many knew when the transport would happen but we would take a different route every time. My father was armed and also was the constable of Silver Peak. Pretty cool stuff for a kid (I was born in 48).

“ The miners that worked the Mohawk were a tough lot. They used to work 10 or 12 days on and then get paid in conjunction with their days off. A lot of them spent their entire time off in Jim Gavin's bar the Shifting Sands (Silver Peak) before returning to the mountain. There was a boarding house up there and I recall my father telling me they had a minor rebellion up there one time when a new provider came in and started serving sub standard food. A bunch of them quit and others threatened to.”

In 2016 I heard from another guy with personal info about this site. Matt says:

I came across your website and pictures of the Mohawk Mine near Silver Peak Nevada and boy did it bring back memories. My father did assessment work at the Mohawk Mine for a number of years (somewhere in the 1987 -1991 range which put me at 13-17 years old) and for several of those years, took my Mother, Sister, and myself along with him. We stayed many a night in what you refer to as the Main Residence. The picture of the outhouse near the main residence made me smile as I used it quite a few times.”

Updated March 2016.

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Mohawk Mine, NV