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Mercury ore was discovered here in 1923. Originally known as the Juniper Mine, it later was renamed the Nevada Quicksilver Mine. At its peak it was one of the nation’s top producers of mercury, but it shut down in 1930 when the price of mercury dropped. Some minor work was done in 1941-42 but nothing since.

A large, elaborate wooden headframe and extensive foundations stand at this site. There are several other shafts and adits in the area too. The first time I visited this mine was in August 1989, with my son Steven. I’ve included some photos from that trip, scanned from the original Kodachrome slides. My next visit was twenty-seven years later on August 13, 2016. I was pleasantly surprised to see the mine relatively unchanged after so many years.

Last updated August 2016.

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Nevada Quicksilver Mine, NV