Ghost Towns and Mines


Tungsten ore was first discovered here in 1930. The Nevada Scheelite Mine was active from 1937 to 1957, and again for a short time in 1974. As of 2016 the mine is up for sale, and has power, water and telephone service. There are about 15 buildings. The mine has 3-compartment main shaft to the 400 foot level, with a two-compartment inclined winze (underground shaft) to the 500 foot level. It can all be yours for a cool $2.3 million!

I would love to explore this place up close, but the entire site is fenced off with locked gates, and possibly guarded. These photos were obtained by climbing a hill across from the mine, and shooting with a telephoto lens.

Posted August 2016.

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Nevada Scheelite Mine, NV