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Central Nevada Musuem - Tonopah, NV

Tonopah has a couple of fantastic museums that are a real treasure for anyone interesting in mining history or the Old West. One of these is the Central Nevada Museum. This was my next stop.

Here you’ll find several well-preserved pioneer buildings, such as these (right). You can also see a complete wooden headframe, and many examples of old mining and milling equipment. Some, such at the Fordson Shovel pictured above, are detailed on my Vintage Machinery page.

There are also other relics from Tonopah’s

past, such a “Bat Bomb” -- an early type of remotely guided bomb that was tested during WWII at the nearby Tonopah Army Air Field.

Manhattan, NV

The After leaving Tonopah, I headed north to the charming semi-ghost town of Manhattan. Silver ore was first discovered here in 1866. Mining occurred off and on for several years. The big boom came in 1905 with the discovery of richer deposits.

Currently there are about 124 people still leaving in Manhattan, and a few small scale mining operations.

There are many colorful old buildings here, such as this miner’s cabin (left) and the very photogenic church pictured below. In the ruins of the stone Nye & Ormsby County Bank, you can still read the lettering on the vault door. Inside the vault is a vintage safe.

There are many old mines and other ruins in the hills around Manhattan.

Chevy Dump Truck

Click the photo to see more images of this old Chevy dump truck I spotted in Manhattan, NV.

Great Basin Rattlesnake

I found this rattlesnake sunning itself on the road east of Manhattan, and shooed him away so he wouldn’t get run over. Click the photo to see video of him on YouTube.

I also saw a large herd of antelope, but couldn’t get a decent photo of them. This shot (right) was the best I got.

Sunset Photos

This was one of the great sunsets I saw on this trip. Click the photo to go to my new Sunsets page.

Indian Petroglyphs

I spent most of the evening driving towards an active thunderstorm in eastern Nevada, but by the time I got there it had petered out.

Later that night while searching for a place to camp, I came across a cliff face covered with Indian petroglyphs. This was in the vicinity of the White River Narrows, north of Hiko in eastern Nevada.

Ely, NV

I camped in the mountains south of Ely, in eastern Nevada. Although Ely is not a ghost town, it does have a lot of interesting old buildings. Click the photo to see more.

Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Of course, the main attraction in Ely is the Nevada Northern Railway Museum, with its operating steam locomotives. I arrived just in time to see engine #93, a 2-8-0, leaving the depot with the only steam-powered train scheduled for the day.

I chased the train from Ely, to the wye at Ruth, and then back to the station in Ely. I would drive to a location ahead of the train, set up my cameras to record its passing, then quickly pack up and “leap-frog” the train to the next location. I got a lot of great video, including an amazing “over the camera” shot, with the camcorder placed in a shallow hole between the rails:

Go to Ray’s YouTube Channel to see the rest of my videos, or go to my Video page for a convenient list of links to each video.

Nevada Northern Railway Locomotive #93

After the train returned to the station, I was able to shoot some more still images of the engine, including lots of detail close-ups that will be useful to modelers.

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