2016 Nevada-Mojave Trip


Part four: mining camps, a rattlesnake, stage station and more!

Above: This grassy clearing is the perfect camping spot at the old mining camp of Ellsworth, NV.

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Ellsworth, NV

Two small mining camps began here in 1864, eventually combining to become the town of Ellsworth. The town had a peak population of over 200. As the quality of the ore decreased, the town slowly died off, with the post office closing in 1884. There were sporadic periods of activity until 1944. The buildings that remain today were occupied as recently as the 1970s.

Above: The rear of the first cabin.

Below: The main cabin, or house, is actually three cabins connected together. This is the middle section.

Above: The front of another cabin.

Below: The main cabin, or house, is actually three cabins connected together. This is the front section. This building is the one that was most recently occupied.

Vindicator Mine, NV

The only structure I could find at this small mine was a cabin of logs and stone, set into the slope.

Great Basin Rattlesnake

This four-foot-long rattler was crossing the trail as I came around the bend. I got some pretty good video of him, which you can see by clicking the link or photo.

Ames Camp, NV

Little is known about the history of this interesting site. It most likely belonged to Roy C. Ames, a miner who worked a nearby fluorspar claim from 1941 to 1951.

The main building is a small house with a concrete basement set into the hillside. Most of the house is sheathed with flat sheet metal. The well-built outhouse is also completely covered with sheet metal, and was once painted yellow.

The interior of the house is in bad shape. The thin material used on the ceiling is sagging and falling off.

Below: This garage/workshop is falling apart.

Above: An old cabin at the site. There are also a couple sheds.

Below: There are remains of several old vehicles and equipment.

Above: This part of the prairie is dotted with round patches of dry grass or something..

Krane Kar

This stripped and modified hulk of a “Krane Kar” was abandoned in the vicinity of Golden Wash. I suspect it may have been used, sans boom, as tractor to haul stuff at one of the local mines.

Cloverdale, NV

This ranch started out as an important stage stop in 1865. The nearby meadow and a modern corral are still in use. Cloverdale has several interesting and picturesque buildings and ruins. Sadly, one cabin has collapsed and the beautiful stone barn has lost its front wall and half its roof since my first visit in 1989.

Right: The tank from an old water wagon.

Left: This is something you don’t see everyday...the stump is gone but the tree is still there!

Below: The barn is showing its age, but still interesting with its stone walls and log frame.

Above: The rear wall of the barn is still intact.

Below: Just a sample of the wide open spaces between Cloverdale and Tonopah.

Goldfield, NV

At its peak Goldfield had a population of over 30,000 and was the largest city in Nevada. Now only about 400 people call it home. I’ve been there many times but still haven’t seen it all.

Above: The Santa Fe Saloon. First opened in 1905, it is the oldest continuously operated saloon in the state.

Below: A pair of preserved miner’s cabins.

Above: Two old industrial buildings at the north end of Goldfield.

Below: A ramshackle mill created and run by a local miner.

Above: A vintage train on display in Goldfield.

Goldfield, NV - Mines and Mills

There are several old mines and mills in and around Goldfield. I’ve dedicated a separate page to showcase these features.

Gold Point, NV

This is another picturesque ghost town that I’ve visited several times before. I got some new photos this trip, and have also added some photos from my first visit in 1988.

The town was originally called Hornsilver, but they changed the name when new strikes brought in more gold than silver. Currently most of the town is owned and preserved by a ghost town enthusiast, who runs the saloon and rents rooms in restored miner’s cabins.

Below: A replica of a gallows, across the steet from the saloon.

Gold Point, NV - Mines and Mills

I’ve created a separate page for the mines and mills around Gold Point, including the Great Western Mine and mill, the Dunfee Mine, the Townsite Mine, and others.

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