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Gold was first discover here in 1865. By 1868 a camp of about 50 people had formed. The mines declined and the mill closed down in 1871. New Pass was abandoned until 1889.

Another small flurry of activity occurred between 1900 and 1904, and once again there were about 50 residents at the site, as well as a post office. A new cyanide mill was built but the company went belly up in 1919. Intermittent activity took place from 1929 to 1941, including the construction of yet another mill in 1930.

Since then there continued to be some small scale mining and milling right up into recent times.

I passed through here briefly after leaving Petersons Mill. Unfortunately it was well past sunset and getting quite dark by that time, so I could only get a few photos and most of these are of poor quality. I considered spending the night, but there were one or two recent structures that appeared to be occupied, and I was unsure as to whether visitors would be welcomed here.

Posted August 2017.

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New Pass Mine and Mill, NV