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Palisade is located in Palisade Canyon, along the Humbolt River south of Carlin, NV. This site has a rich history. The town was originally founded as a station on the Central Pacific Railroad in 1868 during construction of the Transcontinental Railroad.

In 1874 the Eureka & Palisade Railroad was begun, with Palisade as the headquarters for this narrow gauge railroad. The railroad had four locomotives, 58 freight cars and 3 passengers coaches.

Silver mining was a major source of prosperity for the town, until the mines played out. As mining diminished both in Palisade and later in Eureka, the town slowly withered. A disastrous flood struck in 1910, wiping out much of the town and damaging the railroads. The railroad was abandoned in 1938 and the town began its final descent. Still, it lingered on until the post office closed in 1961.

Today there is one occupied home at the site; one decrepit wooden cabin; a few badly damaged dugouts, vaults, and foundations. One locomotive of the Eureka & Palisade Railroad still exists today, the “Eureka”, a magnificent 4-4-0 built in 1875. It was lovingly restored to mint condition by a gentleman in Las Vegas. Like a time machine, it serves as a link to a bygone age. Here’s a link to a page describing the Eureka’s visit to Colorado:

Posted August 2009.

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Palisade, NV