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potomac, NV

Above: Several structures at the upper end of Potomac.

Potomac is one of the oldest mining camps in Nye county, dating back to 1862. It is near the San Antonio Mine and the Cimarron Mine. These two mines were operated from 1937 to 1940. During that time they produced a verified shipment of over nine tons, containing 13.3 ounces of gold and 47.2 ounces of silver.

In 1950 the claims were leased by Chicago interests but no significant production occurred. In the early 1970s some small-scale, underground mining was still taking place. Since then the only activity has been a series of exploratory drilling programs.

The buildings here appear to be from various periods. Plywood and gypsum board used in the construction of a mess hall and two bunkhouses indicates they were either built, or upgraded, during a later period. Some small cabins appear to be older, with rusted metal over wood frames. There is a house that seems to have been occupied and expanded over a fairly long time span.

There are supposed to be ruins of a very old arrastra, a primitive mill, somewhere in this area, but I didn’t see it on this trip.


Because there is so much to see here, I’ve created two separate pages for the photos. One page covers the upper end, and the other covers the lower end.

Potomac, NV - Upper End

Potomac, NV - Lower End

Below: This house is one of the structures in the lower end of Potomac.

Posted September 2018.

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