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Quartz Mountain is not a mountain at all, it’s a rather small hill. I didn’t notice any quartz on it, either. My guess is, the promoters chose the name because it sounds like a great place to strike it rich.

The first discoveries were in 1920 but there was no significant activity here until 1925, when lead and silver ore was mined. By 1929 things were dying down and the town was soon deserted.

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of old mine shafts and prospects all around the area. Unfortunately almost all the structures have long since vanished (probably by fire) or fallen into scattered piles of rubble. The only structures that remain are at the San Rafael Mine, on the west side the hill. Here there is a very large wooden headframe with two ore bins attached. There is also another mine shaft on the hillside above it, with its timber lining protruding above the slope.

The last time I was here was about 1994. At that time there was also a two-holer outhouse near the San Rafael Mine. Now, twenty years later, only the floor of the outhouse remains. A large one-cylinder compressor that was mounted on a concrete foundation is also missing now. The headframe and ore bins are still in good condition.

The only other structure still standing is a small dugout on the east side of the hill. A couple of major mine shafts are located at the north side of the hill, site of the Hasbrouck Mine.

Be extra careful when visiting this site due to the number of open, unmarked shafts in the area.

Last updated September 2014.

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Quartz Mountain, NV