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The Red Rock mine is located near Boundary Peak, at about 7000’ elevation. It was started in 1927 and remained in operation until at least 1957. Besides the mill, there are cabins and bunkhouses for the workers, garages, workshops, a house and other structures where the owner lived, and many other interesting things to see. The mine was originally all underground, with over 4000’ of tunnels, but later they switched to open cuts and pits.

There is so much to see at the Red Rock Mine, that I’ve created a separate page for each area of interest. This page features the mill ruins, a large, corrugated metal structure where the ore was processed to produce mercury. A large wooden ore bin is perched on the hillside above the mill.

Nearby is the ruins of a brick retort, which was used prior to construction of the mill.

Posted August 2012.

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Red Rock Mine, NV - The Mill