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The Reveille Mill is located in a remote region, in the middle of the Reveille Valley. The mill was originally built in 1869 and ran into the 1870’s. It was revived off and on from the 1880’s and into the 1900’s, finally shutting down for good in 1949.

When I first visited the mill in 1987, the frame of the mill building was still standing and a few pieces of the corrugated metal was still in place. A couple years later, the frame had collapsed. A tall wooden hopper structure still stands, and part of a chimney.

Nearby is a large, old corral made of stone. There is also a more recent corral, and a stock tank filled with water piped from a spring somewhere to the west. To my utter amazement, this stock tank in the middle of nowhere has several koi swimming in it!

Were they placed there by a rancher with a fondness for koi, or by some desert traveler with a whimsical streak? We may never know.

To all who read this, if you ever go there, please leave them alone! Don’t kill, harass or steal these fish! It’s a shame I have to keep repeating this stuff but there are a lot of stupid, thoughtless jerks in the world.

Modelers may find these photos useful as reference for crude mill structures, galvanized metal, tanks, brick and stone construction, concrete foundations, weathered wood, etc.

Note: I recently scanned some old slides and have added them here. These were taken during my first visit to the mill back in 1989, with my son Steven.

Updated June 2016.


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Reveille Mill, NV