Ghost Towns and Mines

There are several mines and mining camps in this small mountain range of central Nevada, including the Gila Mine, the Kietzke Mine, the Lost Burro Mine, and the townsites of Reveille and New Reveille. None of these have extensive ruins so I will be putting them all onto this page.

I don’t currently have photos of Reveille or New Reveille.

The Gila Mine was a fairly modern, open cut type of mine with no structures or ruins, so I didn’t get any photos there.

In addition to stone ruins, mine tunnels, shafts, and tailings, there is one interesting shack or cabin made of rusty corrugated metal over a wood frame. Part of this structure started out as a miner’s “tent house”. Later, boards and sheet metal were nailed up over the canvas to create a more permanent structure.

This structure offers excellent reference for modelers looking to replicate rust, corrugated metal, aged wood, etc.

Posted August 2012.


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Reveille Range, NV