Ghost Towns and Mines

This site in Tule Canyon was once a mining camp. It is just a few miles down the canyon from Tule Corral. Currently there is another corral here made of riveted pipe, a windmill, the ruins of a five-stamp mill, a few fallen cabins, and one cabin which is still standing. There are some small mines up in the hills behind the townsite.

The first time I visited this site was in 1990, although I had it confused with another site called Stateline. At that time the mill building was starting to collapse but was mostly still standing. Two fallen cabins still had peaked roofs.

I’ve decided to provide a separate page for each of the three areas of interest at this site. This page is devoted to the mine and ore bin.

A cluster of small small tunnels and unstable stopes is located in the hills a short distance beyond the cabin. A lone ore bin is collapsing into the shaft.

Updated May 2013.

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Roosevelt Well, NV - The Mine and Ore Bin