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Ruby Hill was a mining town in the hills above Eureka, NV. It has a long history dating back to 1870. There were many mines at Ruby Hill, and several of the largest mines still have structures standing. The mines here were served by the narrow gauge Ruby Hill Railroad. The town’s population peaked at about 2500 in 1878. By 1910 most of the mines were inactive, but some were reopened in later years.

I’ve created a page for each of the major features at Ruby Hill. Click on the photos below to see photos and video of each mine.

The Fad Shaft:

The Locan Shaft:

The Richmond Shaft:

Cabins and other structures:

This cabin is one of the oldest structures at Ruby Hill and may have been built prior to 1900. It’s a classic example of a miner’s cabin. It started out as a wood-frame canvas tent. When it was apparent that the miner would staying permanently, wood siding and shingles were added, right over the canvas. Scraps of canvas can still be seen on the interior. Later, an addition was built at the rear. Another addition made of stone was built onto that, and may have served as a root cellar.

More photos of this and other structures at Ruby Hill can be seen below.

Updated January 2021.

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Ruby Hill, NV