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The Locan Shaft is one of the many mines in the Ruby Hill area, and one of only a few with structures still standing. The hoist house, ore bins, and other features have been altered or rebuilt several times over the years.

The mine first went into operation in 1880, and was served by the narrow gauge Ruby Hill Railroad. The beautifully crafted stone foundations, some brick ruins, and other artifacts from that period still remain. The current hoist house is more recent, and was probably built in the 1940s. It contains an intact, diesel-powered hoist.

Ore from the shaft was brought out in carts and pushed across a small bridge to be dumped in the ore bins. The large wooden headframe has collapsed, and the lift cage can still be seen among the ruins of the headframe.

Like the nearby Fad Shaft, the Locan Shaft was plagued by flooding. Beginning in 1919 various attempts were made to pump out the water, with limited success.

I revisited this site in 2019 and shot some great video:

Updated February 2021.

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Ruby Hill, NV: The Locan Shaft