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The Richmond Mine is one of many mines in the Ruby Hill area, and one of only a few that still has standing structures. The mine was originally served by the narrow gauge Ruby Hill Railroad, hauling ore to the smelters in Eureka, NV.

The mine first went into operation in the early 1870s, and went through several changes over the years. The original structures were replaced in 1907. In 1925 the structures were rebuilt yet again. Most of the currently existing structures are from the 1925 rebuild.

The headframe fell over a few years ago and is leaning against the ore bins. The mine shaft has become a wide, dangerous pit.

A large shop building has partially collapsed. The hoist house is intact and contains a large, single-cylinder gasoline-powered hoist. The engine was built by Fairbanks-Morse and was installed in 1925.

Near the hoist house are the ruins of three boilers which once supplied steam for the original steam-powered hoist.  Each of these boilers is incased in bricks between sandstone walls.

I visited this site in 2019 and shot some great video:

Updated January 2021.

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Ruby Hill, NV: The Richmond Shaft