Ghost Towns and Mines

The Star Mine was one of the major mines north of Cherry Creek, NV. It’s located in the foothills of the Cherry Creek Range, just south of Exchequer Canyon.

The lower portion of the Star Mine is a flooded tunnel at the base of the mountain with a stream of water flowing from it. (A small ditch transports this water down to a ranch in the valley.) Nearby is a row of wooden ore bins and a powder magazine.

Going up the road from there, I found the remains of a stone cabin and the stone foundations of several larger buildings.

Farther up the road was a pair of unusual ore bins made of logs, and and the remains of other structures. There were numerous mines and prospects all through this area. Most of them I could not identify, and few had any sign of structures, so I’ve lumped them all under this heading.

Other sites of interest in the area:

Cherry Creek, NV

Exchequer Canyon and the New Century Mine, NV

Posted August 2012.

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Star Mine, NV (Cherry Creek District)