Ghost Towns and Mines


Tonopah is one of the largest towns in central Nevada. It has many old buildings, some in good shape, others in ruins. It also has two excellent museums preserving the region’s mining history.

In 1900 prospector Jim Butler discovered rich gold and silver ore at the site. This lead to a mining rush and the boom town of Tonopah was born.

Today Tonopah is home to two major exhibits of early Nevada history and mining equipment. One is the Central Nevada Museum, and the other is the Tonopah Historic Mining Park. You can see my photos of the structures and artifacts at these museums on the pages linked below:

Ray’s Central Nevada Museum photos                                                     Ray’s Tonopah Cemetery photos

Ray’s Tonopah Historic Mining Park photos                                            Ray’s Tonopah Army Air Field photos

Updated August 2015.

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Tonopah, NV