Ghost Towns and Mines


The top of Vanderbilt Peak, over looking Clayton Valley and the town of Silver Peak, NV is honeycombed with tunnels constituting the Vanderbilt Mine. Both gold and silver were mined here. To those driving by on the dirt road below, the only sign of the mine is an ore bin perched high on the side of the mountain, seemingly unreachable. However, there is a trail going up the back of the mountain to a point near the peak. From there it’s a hike down and around the front of the mountain to reach the ore bin and other ruins.

Besides the ore bin, there are also the remains of some small stone buildings, an incline to carry ore to the ore bin, and another incline that once brought ore down the face of the mountain. “Inclines” used cables to raise or lower ore cars down steeply sloped tracks.

Posted August 2012.

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Vanderbilt Mine, NV