Vintage Machinery and Vehicles



Keystone Driller

    A steam-powered well-drilling rig built in the late 1800’s.

International Harvester Dump Truck

    A weather-beaten dump truck of unknown vintage.

John Deere Tractor

    A small, crawler-type tractor, also of unknown vintage.

Horse-drawn Ore Wagon

    A horse-drawn ore wagon used in Tonopah, NV at the turn of the last century.

Mine Lifts  

    Lifts, also called “cages”, were used to haul men into and out of vertical-shaft mines.

Ore Cars

    Small, hand-pushed ore cars and related equipment, for transporting ore out of mine tunnels.

Aerial Trams

    Aerial bucket trams used to haul ore from mines to a distant mill.

Cletrac Tractor

    A small, crawler-type tractor on display at Laws, CA.

Diesel Mine Locomotive

    A small, diesel mine locomotive on display at Laws, CA.

LeRoi Hoists

    Small hoists power by two-cylinder and four-cylinder LeRoi gasoline engines. One is on display at Laws, CA. The other is displayed in Tonopah, NV.

Fordson Shovels

    A pair of Fordson-powered shovels displayed in Tonopah, NV at the Central Nevada Museum and the Tonopah Historic Mining Park.

Headframe and Hoist

    Here’s a small hoist and wooden headframe displayed in Tonopah, NV at the Central Nevada Museum.

Stamp Mills 

    Stamp mills such as the ten-stamp battery displayed at the Central Nevada Museum in Tonopah, NV.

Horse-powered Hoist

    This is a rare surviving example of an early, horse- or mule-powered hoist, and small wooden headframe displayed in Tonopah, NV at the Tonopah Historical Mining Park.

Ore Crusher

    An old ore crusher displayed in Tonopah, NV at the Tonopah Historical Mining Park.

Coke Machine

    An early Coka-Cola machine displayed in Tonopah, NV at the Tonopah Historical Mining Park.

Maytag Washing Machine

    An early Maytag washing machine found behind a cabin in Manhattan, NV.

Vizo Gas Pumps  

    A pair of old, hand-operated Vizo gas pumps seen in Darwin, CA.

Homemade Hoist  

    A small hoist mounted on skids, powered by a 6-cylinder automobile engine. Seen in Cherry Creek, NV.

Homemade Hoist #2  

    Another homebuilt, gas-powered hoist. This one is displayed at the Eagle and High Peak Mine, CA.

Eagle Mine Hoist  

    A one-cylinder, gas-powered, 10hp hoist used inside the Eagle and High Peak Mine, CA.

Single-Drum Electric Hoist  

    A single-drum hoist powered by an electric motor found at a mine in Austin, NV. Great modeling reference!

Log Cabin Mine Hoist House 

    Almost everything in this hoist house was left just the way it was when it was in use decades ago. Here you can see a single-drum hoist, its electric motor and controls, a two-cylinder air compressor, and other equipment all in their proper setting! A fantastic resource for model builders and anyone interested in historic mining.

Steam-Powered Hoist   

    An old steam-powered hoist found at a mine near Eureka, NV. Some parts missing or broken but mostly intact.

Ingersoll-Rand Two-Cylinder Compressor  

    A large, belt-driven air compressor at the Comet Mine, NV.

Single-Cylinder Compressor  

    A smaller, belt-driven air compressor at the Comet Mine, NV.

Buffalo Pitts Steam Roller       A steam powered roller built by the Buffalo Steam Roller Company, currently on display in Santee, CA.

Large Steam Tractor  

    A large steam-powered tractor, aka “traction engine”, on display in Goldfield, NV. Make, model and year are unknown.

Street Sprinkler Wagon  

    A horse-drawn water wagon equipped with sprinklers, for reducing dust on city streets. Was originally used by the City of San Diego. Currently displayed in Santee, CA.

Water Truck Tank  

    The rear frame and tank from an early vintage water truck. It is still mounted on the rear frame of the vehicle but has been set up for use as a stationary tank at an old mill near Pigeon Spring, NV.

Skagit B-20 Logging & Loading Donkey  

    This historic piece of equipment is still in use at the Gray Eagle Mine, CA. Powered by a Ford flathead V8, the Skagit donkey engine is used to operate an aerial tram at the mine.

Portable Mill and Rotary Kiln  

    Homemade or custom built machines for processing ore, mounted on heavy-duty truck trailers for portability. Found in Sylvania, NV.

Hobart Brothers Generator  

    Generator used at a mill in Eden Creek Canyon, NV.

International Harvester Engine  

    An early, hand-cranked, four-cylinder engine used to power some belt-driven equipment at a mill in Eden Creek Canyon, NV.

Battery-Powered Mine Tram  

    An electric tram used to haul cars of ore and waste rock out of a mine near Eureka, NV.

Large Diesel Generator  

    A large generator powered by a “prime mover” diesel engine, inside a powerhouse at a mine near Eureka, NV.

Gardner-Denver Compressor  

    An old, portable air compressor on display in Goldfield, NV.

Many more to come!

Updated August 2016.

During my many trips exploring old ghost towns, mines and historic sites, I’ve photographed a lot of old machinery, vehicles and equipment. Some of these can be seen among my ghost town photos. But I decided to dedicate separate pages for many of these relics, to make them easier to find.

It’s my hope that my photos will be useful as reference to those who enjoy building scale models of old machines, vehicles or equipment, for model railroads or other purposes.

Email me at if you have any questions about these machines, new information to provide, or to report broken links. Also, additional detail photos may be available to modelers.

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Photos of petroglyphs and other Indian artifacts that I’ve encountered on my trips.

Lightning Photos 

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Desert Wildflowers 

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Desert Wildlife 

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Note to modelers:

Many of the machines and vehicles I’ve photographed would make great subjects for modeling, either as stand-alone models or to compliment a model railroad.

It is my hope that these photos can be a useful reference resource. If you need larger, higher resolution images, just let me know. Also, in some cases I have additional detail photos that have not yet been posted online.

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Chevy Dump Truck

    An old Chevy dump truck in Manhattan, NV.

Chevy Tank Truck 

    An old Chevy tank truck seen in Darwin, CA.

Manhattan NV Firetruck

    Ancient firetruck displayed in Manhattan, NV.

Ford Tank Truck

    A Ford F-800 tank truck seen in Baker, NV.

GMC 4000 Tank Truck 

    A GMC 4000 heating oil tank truck from the 1960s seen near Simon, NV.

Ford Model T 1914  

    A like-new, 1914 Ford Model T seen in San Diego.

Ford Model T 1923  

    A restored 1923 Ford Model T seen in Austin, NV. Lots of pics!

Ford Model A 1929  

    A mint-condition 1929 Ford Model A convertible seen here in San Diego.

Ford Model AA 1929 REA Truck   New! 2017

    A good-condition 1929 Ford Model AA Railway Express Agency truck on display at the Nevada Northern Railroad Museum in Ely, NV.

Farmall Tractor  

    An old, weathered, but complete, Farmall seen in Dyer, NV. Seventy photos showing all details!

Boom Truck  

    An old truck with a boom mounted on the bed. I don’t know what make or model it is, but I shot plenty of photos.

McCormick-Deering Tractor  

    An old tractor on display near the Nevada Northern RR tracks west of Ely.

Caterpillar Tractor       A beat-up, rusty Caterpillar tractor or bulldozer abandoned at a mine in the Lower Tule Canyon, NV.

Jacumba Tow Truck  

    An ancient tow truck which may have started out as a WWII-vintage military truck. It is currently displayed near Jacumba, CA.

Chevy Truck and Drilling Rig  

    A very old, wooden drilling rig, rebuilt with some steel reinforcements and mounted on a trailer attached to an early Chevy truck. It sat abandoned in the desert near Roosevelt Well, NV for decades but has recently been moved to Gold Point, NV.

1951 Dodge Job-Rated Pickup Truck  

    This is an old pickup truck I spotted parked on the side of the road here in San Diego. It appears to still have the original 1951 license plates. Also, check out the vintage signs on the doors.

1940s Dodge Flatbed Pickup Trucks   

    A pair of early 1940s Dodge flatbed pickup trucks, seen in the old mining camp of Sylvania, NV.

Safes and Vaults  

    Photos of various old safes and vaults, mostly those seen in various ghost towns.

Corona Mine Truck   

    An old stake bed truck of unknown make and model, located at the Corona Mine. Has a water tank mounted on the bed.

Krane Kar Ruins   

    The remains of a modified Krane Kar abandoned in Golden Wash, NV.

Rusted Relics  

    A photo album of early vehicles in an advanced state of decay.