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A small mine near Windy Point, in the Mojave desert. I used to camp here a lot on my early Mojave trips. For years I never knew the name of this mine or anything about its history. Then on New Years Day 2016 I received an email from Jason with the following information:

“That nameless mine is called "The New Method Mine". My Grandfather pulled Uranium out of that mine for 6 years in the late 50's. He lived in a small trailer parked on top of that cement slab near Kel Baker road. “

I have recently received an email from another guy who had personal history with this mine. He says:

I worked in this mine.  I was from 7 to 10 years old so my efforts were minor. A high grade uranium out cropping was found in 1955.  It was in the digging above the tunnel.  We followed the ore down to a fault.  There was no uranium on the other side of the fault.  My uncle who had a construction company put up the money and equipment to try to find vein.

“Uranium was big in the 1950's.  The Atomic Energy Commission sent geologists out many times to tell us where to dig.  We blasted off the table. We dug the tunnel that is visible today.  The tunnel went back far beyond what you can see now. There were secondary tunnels.  Some were back filled instead of hauling rock to the surface.  We then dug the vertical shaft. We dug another tunnel in at about 25 feet. We dug the shaft down to 53 feet and another tunnel in.  We found no uranium.  We did core drilling in the area.  The AEC said dig a tunnel in on the side of the mountain.  We dug in to the fault and again no uranium. 

“My uncles company could no longer support the effort and we left.  We boarded up the shaft.  Over the years, everything that was left has been taken.  We left uranium on the wall hoping maybe we could sell the mine.  That was taken.  We sold our little uranium ore for $500 in 1958.  There was boltwoodite all over the place. I wish I would have gathered it up.  There was a lot of rare earths that we shipped to some organization for shipping costs and a few extra dollars.

“The uranium is down there somewhere.  We could never find it.  No one mining in that whole valley has made money. The valley is rich in minerals, but is so faulted only small pockets of ore have been found.”

Updated February 2016.

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The New Method Mine, CA